How to master the basic steps of Kizomba dance

Learning more advanced kizomba steps requires first mastering the fundamentals. In this article, we’ll break down the fundamentals of kizomba dancing so that anybody can pick it up fast and effortlessly.

Fred-Nelson & Morgane Jhâna (2), Tayc @ Nancy Kizomba Festival 

Step to the Side

The side step is fundamental in kizomba. It involves only two easy movements over the ground. While starting a waltz, the leader puts their left foot down first, while the follower does the opposite.

The leader does a left footed sidestep and a right footed slow sidestep to the left (do not leave your weight on the right foot). After completing the move with his left foot, he switches sides and does it with his right.

In order to stay up with the leader, the follower must always take the first correct step. She takes a few steps to the side, tapping her right foot and left hand on the floor (without shifting her weight to her left foot). She repeats the steps with her left foot after switching to it.

While the side step may be done on any drum, the bass drum is where you’ll most often see it used. The pace, rhythm, and even the size of your steps are all modifiable aspects of your stride.

The Forward and Backward Step

The kizomba’s back-and-forth stride is another fundamental motion. There are three transitions, one forward in time and two in reverse. The leader takes the left foot first, while the follower follows suit with the right.

The leader advances by taking three steps with his left foot, followed by three steps with his right. When the right foot finally touches the left, the movement is complete.

The right foot is always placed first as the follower maintains pace with the leader. She takes a couple of backward steps with her right foot, then her left, and lastly her right foot again. When her left and right feet touch, it will be the last move of the dance.

The forward and backward steps may be done to any beat, not only the 1-2-3 beat of the music. The pace, orientation, and dimensions of your stride are all modifiable to meet your own needs and tastes.

The Clock Step

The clock step is another fundamental move in kizomba. It’s a circular process consisting of four steps. Both dancers begin on their left feet.

Each partner begins by taking a forward left foot step, followed by a right foot side step, a left foot backward step, and a right foot side step. Then they do it again, and again, and again, until they’ve gone around in a full circle.

The clock step may be performed on any beat of the song, however traditionally it has been performed on the beats 1, 2, 3, 4. You may customize your walk by changing its pace, tempo, and even the size of your steps.

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