Popular Reggaeton dance styles and trends

Reggaeton music and its accompanying dance forms are ever-changing and innovative. Reggaeton dancing is full of surprises, from fresh takes on old steps to completely original routines.

Nevena & Goran – Reggaeton

Classical Moves in Reggaeton

The traditional “perreo” or “doggy style” dancing is one of the most well-known forms of Reggaeton. A lot of hip movement characterizes this style, which is often performed in duos or trios. The “pasito duranguense,” which has its roots in the Durango state of Mexico, is another traditional Reggaeton dance. This technique is characterized by fast footwork and is often done in a line.

New Reggaeton Dancing Movements

Twerking is a popular new style of Reggaeton dancing that features a lot of swaying of the hips and buttocks. This fad, made famous by musicians like Cardi B, is now an essential feature of Reggaeton dance events. Fusion dancing, which incorporates Reggaeton moves with those of other dance genres like salsa or hip-hop, is another growing phenomenon.

Reggaeton’s Bright Future in the Club

More and more people are listening to Reggaeton, which means new dance styles and trends will arise as a result. Reggaeton is already a worldwide phenomenon, but some experts anticipate that it will become even more so as musicians from all over the globe bring their own cultural elements to the genre.

In conclusion, Reggaeton is a dance style that is always developing and changing to include the ideas and influences of its worldwide fan base. There is always something new to learn in the realm of Reggaeton dancing, from the traditional to the cutting edge. Put on your dancing shoes and move to the beat; you could just create the next huge Reggaeton craze!

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