The best Kizomba dance music and artists to follow

Kizomba is a sensuous and passionate type of dance that you must experience if you are a dance lover. The music and dancing style known as kizomba originated in Angola in the 1980s and has since gained international acclaim. Its origins may be traced back to zouk, although it also incorporates elements of various African rhythms. In addition to being a dance, kizomba is a festival that honors love and life.

Kizomba Festival – Isabelle and Felicien

So what exactly sets kizomba apart? Which songs and artists do you recommend for kizomba? In this essay, we’ll address these concerns and provide suggestions for getting the most out of this spectacular dance.

What are the Best Kizomba Songs and Artists?

There is a lot of variety and depth to kizomba. You may choose from a wide variety of musical genres and performers. The top kizomba musicians and their music are listed here.

  • Rebound Chick by Nelson Freitas: This is one of the most famous kizomba songs ever. It has a catchy melody and lyrics that talk about a rebound relationship.
  • Criola by Mika Mendes: This song is a tribute to the beauty and culture of Cape Verde, where Mika Mendes was born. It has a smooth rhythm and a sweet voice.
  • Magico by Mika Mendes: This song is another hit by Mika Mendes. It has a romantic vibe and a magical feeling.
  • Question My Heart by Kaysha: This song is a classic kizomba song by Kaysha, one of the pioneers of this genre. It has a deep message and a soulful voice.
  • Titiriti by Calo Pascoal: This song is a fun and upbeat song by Calo Pascoal, an Angolan singer and producer. It has a catchy chorus and a playful mood.
  • Ego by Dj Radikal feat Dj Dax: This song is a remix of a French song by Willy William. It has a modern sound and a catchy beat.
    These are just some examples of the best kizomba songs and artists that you can follow. There are many more that you can discover and enjoy.

What is Kizomba Dance?

Kizomba is a kind of partner dance that emphasizes sharing, listening, and expressing oneself with one another. It’s a graceful dance that calls for a lot of coordination and equilibrium. There is a lovely flow to the dance since the dancers are in sync with each other and the music.

Traditional, urban, fusion, and even tarraxinha are just a few of the variations on the Kizomba dance. Although there are subtle differences between each style, they all follow the same fundamental procedures. Kizomba is all about expressing yourself via your body, connecting with your partner, and having a good time.

How Can I Start Dancing Kizomba?

Taking lessons from a trained teacher is your best bet if you want to master the kizomba dance style. Many kizomba studios and instructors are available locally and online. You may also gain ideas and insights by watching movies and tutorials on websites like YouTube.

Going to parties and social gatherings that include kizomba music is another option for becoming acquainted with the dance. There, dancers may hone their skills, learn from one another, and develop new connections. Workshops and festivals are also opportunities to learn from experts and see live entertainment.

Happy dancing!

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